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6 Uses for Epoxy Putty

Epoxy Putty can be used to seal holes, repairing cracks and dents in industrial, automotive & household objects. It can act as a strong adhesive fill that binds, sets and waterproofs a wide range of materials. Once applied, it hardens into a durable, permanent, and waterproof seal

Here are some uses of epoxy putty:

  1. Sealing Joints: The Epoxy putty acts as a quick and easy solution to arrest water leaks in pipes. It is soft enough to press into holes and forming waterproof seals around faucets, drains, and other plumbing parts. It’s perfect for sealing and repairing places where welding or soldering isn’t practical or acceptable.

2. Sculpting: Epoxy putties can be sculpted like modeling clay to make miniatures and handicraft items and can replace the missing sections or details. It is a two-part epoxy putty that is easy to sculpt with precision using tools or shape by hand.

3. Plug holes: Fixing of loose nails, knot holes and sealant of broken plastic components. It can also be used to anchor bolts in concrete walls, fill holes in the walls, woods, ceramic, glass, stone etc. These are safe and simple-to-use.

4. Fill gaps: It can fill gaps, be sanded, drilled, and painted, making it ideal for restoring many surfaces, including water pipes and voids. These adhesives effectively attach to damp surfaces easily. Fills gaps with excellent quality with strong, long-lasting adhesion.

5. Automobile: Filling dents in automotive bodies, repairing broken silencer pipes and exhaust joints, and preventing leaks in engine radiators, fuel tanks, transmissions, and injector pumps. It’s also notable for its versatility, since it can be used in both automotive refinishing and industrial vehicles.

6. Electrical: Fixing transformer leaks, damaged porcelain insulators, and casings. Used to seal the contact between the jumper plug and the transformer bushing stem. It also avoids loosening of connections due to vibration and eventual heating. Protects the components from short-circuiting caused by dust and moisture accumulation.

About Bestseal Epoxy Putty:
GECO BESTSEAL is a two-component general purpose epoxy putty. It cures at room temperature into a hard mass that can be drilled, filed, tapped, machined, cut and then painted. It is resistant to moisture, heat, mild acids & alkali and has good electrical insulating properties.

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