Introducing GECO JOINTFILL Tile Grouts

A newly tiled floor, bathroom or countertop is a sight to behold, and it needs to be kept looking at its best. Tile grout is often considered as a minor part of tiling, but it plays a major role in ensuring longer life for the tiled surface.

GECO JOINTFILL are fine cementitious polymer-modified grout developed for use on joints of 1 to 6 mm width respectively. It effectively fills the gaps and levels itself to provide durable and non-dusting joints.


  1. stop the passage of water into the tile joints that will dampen the substrate leading to water-damage
  2. not allow any unruly things filling the tile joints which will damage the bonding of tiles with the substrate and
  3. protect the edges of the tiles from rubbing with one another due to substrate movements.

Some of the key features of GECO JOINTFILL are

  1. Easy to use
  2. Water repellent
  3. Stain resistant
  4. Non-shrinking
  5. Non-dusting

GECO JOINTFILL is suitable for grouting glazed tiles, vitrified and fully vitrified tiles, marbles, mosaics and natural stones in wall and floors. JOINTFILL can be used in both internal and external areas.

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