Introducing GECO PTFE Thread Seal Tapes

VNC Group is excited to announce the launch of GECO PTFE Thread Seal Tapes!

Threaded pipes are plus for plumbers as it saves labor and skill-intensive pipe joining techniques. Under pressure, threaded pipe connections may leak-out as they don’t form tight seals on their own. This is where we rely on PTFE tapes.

GECO Polytetrafluoroethylene Thread Seal Tape, which is also known as ‘PTFE Tape’ or ‘Plumber’s Tape’ is a general-purpose sealant and lubricant for threaded joints. This ensures deeper seating on the threads resulting in fluid-tight seal, and also lubricates the joints allowing for ease of installation without hardening the joints.

The hydrophobic property of PTFE makes it ideal for use in plumbing applications preventing leaks in pipes, tubes and conduits. Also, these tapes are chemically inert makes it safe against corrosion. GECO PTFE tapes are inherently expansive that helps to fill out gaps between the pipe joints.

GECO PTFE thread seal tape can be used

  • with PVC, brass, copper, aluminium, mild, galvanised and stainless steel
  • in all types of plumbing applications involving water

GECO PTFE thread seal tape has the following features:

  • Clean & easy to use
  • Waterproof non-stick surface
  • Provides instant sealing
  • Resistant to cracking

How to use GECO PTFE thread seal tape?

  • Ensure that the threads of the pipes are clean without any dust or dirt
  • Wrap the tape around the thread along with the direction of the thread spiral, not going beyond the thread perimeter.
  • Ensure the thread is properly sealed with enough material and not in excess.
  • Press the tape against the bottom of threads. Join the threads of two pipes and tighten them for leak-free joints.

For more information about GECO PTFE thread seal tapes or about the GECO range of products, please visit or call 1800 599 3939.